Washington State (Bellingham area) *original chapter
--contact Debbie Chavez

  Washington State (Moses Lake area west of Spokane)
--contact Nicki Spees

  Los Angeles, CA
        -- contact Phyllis Jauregui

  Wisconsin (Peshtigo area north of Green Bay)
--contact Christine Dixon

  New Mexico (Los Alamos)
        -- contact Ann Clegg


Starting a chapter in your area is easy 
and can be done for little or no cost at all.  
Email Debbie at debbie@squadronofsisters.com 
for complete information.  

Some basic info is listed below:

  • Agree with our statement of beliefs on 
        the "About Us" page of this site 
  • Agree to some basic guidelines that will be sent to you, such as basing all teaching on Bible principles, 
        no husband-bashing, striving for frank discussions of           the nitty gritty marriage issues at all meetings, etc.
  • Like most area chapters, you may wish to utilize our original chapter DVD teachings each week, which are available for $50/month which includes shipping.
  • You'll also likely wish to order copies of the marriage workbook that contains our foundational teachings.  These can be completed by the women at their own pace
  • Contact Debbie at the email address above if you'd like to inquire further.  We'd love to have you join us!
How to start a new chapter:
Current Area Chapters:
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