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  1. If husband has addiction
    What to do if your husband seems to have a problem with porn, alcohol, drugs, etc
  2. Men and pornography
    What wives need to understand about a husband's addiction to pornography
  3. Dealing with porn or affair
    Get insights on what to do if your marriage has been fractured by porn of an affair.
  4. Handling resentment -part2
    Final steps to breaking free from toxic resentment against someone
  5. Handling resentment -part 1
    Learn the first steps to break free from toxic resentment against someone
  6. Dating tips for women
    Get the Top 10 Bible-based principles that will help single Christian women date wisely
  7. Power of Fellowship
    Learn why tight fellowship with other Christian women is so vital and how to recognize the devil's attempts to get you isolated
  8. Power of praise!
    Learn how to experience the power of praise, worship and gratitude in your life!
  9. Purpose-driven woman!
    Get inspired to become a fulfilled, purpose-driven woman!
  10. Your spiritual gifts
    Learn how to find joy and fulfillment by stepping into your unique wiring and your spiritual gifts to bless others!
  11. Hearing from God
    Learn how to overcome common obstacles that can hinder you from hearing God speaking.
  12. Healing from old wounds
    Learn the first steps to start healing from old or current emotional wounds
  13. Healing old wounds Part 2
    Learn final Bible-based steps to gain healing from old or recent emotional wounds.
  14. Guidance from Holy Spirit!
    Learn how to tap into the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit!
  15. Accessing husband's heart
    Learn how to create deeper emotional intimacy and things you can do to get your husband to open up his heart to you
  16. Handling stress!
    Learn 8 Bible-based keys for handling or reducing stress in your life
  17. Grasping your identity
    Learn how to resist Satan's lies and begin flourishing by embracing your true identity!
  18. Narcissistic husband
    Bible-based insights on how to deal with a narcissistic husband or other relative
  19. Handling your anger
    Learn how to handle anger and disappointment in healthy ways instead of yelling or stuffing!
  20. Guidance for moms!
    4 Bible insights to guide and supernaturally-equip Christian moms
  21. Handling big emotions
    Gain 9 Bible insights that will help the Christian woman deal with emotions such as anxiety, resentment, fear, insecurity, anger, etc.
  22. Experiencing God
    Learn keys to actually experiencing God's love, power and guidance in your life.
  23. Your home's foundation
    Part 1 of Blueprints for building a strong home, marriage, family - the foundation!

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